How the Release Me Programme was developed

When I first trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, the approaches to weight control were limited and tended to focus on encouraging people to eat less or stick to a diet and to exercise more. I would see some clients in therapy who would respond well to these very straightforward common sense suggestions and they would indeed lose weight. However, many other clients just didn’t seem to be able to make the shift and remained stuck in the problem. I started to investigate why this was the case. This led me on a journey of research into dieting and what I found out about what dieting does to your body was quite upsetting. What I also found strange was that most of my clients were much heavier after they had been dieting than they were before they began dieting. How strange! and that many of my clients actually didn’t eat a lot and did exercise but were still carrying a spare tyre around their middle.

Through continuing to work with clients and asking them a lot of questions, alongside attending various courses, reading a multitude of books and training with one of the UK’s top Eating Disorder Specialist’s, I began to realise some of the the truths about why people remain overweight. I found that a weight problem is not the “only” problem that needs to be addressed in a person’s life. That indeed, there are often very complex and many contributing factors which lead to obesity.

I began writing scripts to address my client’s individual problems with things like their choice of food and their emotional and behavioural responses. I started to see a little more success in my clients. The more clients I saw, the more information I collected and the more scripts I wrote. The Release Me Programme for Weight Control is the result of these years of working with clients.

When working with my clients, I found that some could turn around their eating habits in a few weeks but for others it took longer and they needed more support but could not always afford to come to therapy for the length of time that they needed to. They would start to get better but would stop therapy then fall back into their old habits again.

I started making a series of recorded hypnotherapy sessions for them that meant they could keep up the therapy but wouldn’t need to pay out for the sessions all the time.

Eventually people started to find out about the series of recordings that were available and I started to get requests from their friends who couldn’t afford to come for any sessions, if they could buy the recorded sessions. This is how i first decided to sell the recordings. This is why this website exists. To offer specialist help at an affordable price.