The Problems of dieting

Many people find that they can stick to a diet for a while but they soon revert to their old ways and put on the weight again.  Why is this? well there are a few reasons.


  • The body is designed to get fat after it has lost weight. It’s natures way of preserving life.
  • We have an appetite for sweet food and carbohydrates. Again this is natural as these foods give us loads of energy for little effort.
  • We get bored with eating healthy food. We are designed to eat a variety of different foods and have an appetite that is always changing.
  • We feel deprived. It’s not nice when we are not allowed to have the food we really enjoy.
  • We eat to comfort ourselves. If you spend a lot of time being uncomfortable in your life then you need comfort.
  • We eat more when we are tired. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you will be hungry.
  • We suffer from stress. Name one person you know who isn’t complaining of being stressed. Stress causes us to eat and causes fat gain, especially round the middle!
  • Diets are designed by nutritionists, not by people who understand the mind and how it affects your eating habits.
  • Diets are a huge money making industry. It’s in the interest of many big companies to keep you on a cycle of weight gain ad weight loss because you will always be a customer. You are a way for them to make lots an lots of money.