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It’s easy to make an appointment. …the sooner the better, most problems are made much better by finding support to deal with them:

  • Call Rae or John on 01506 830 190
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  • Please tell us briefly what you require help with and your availability for an appointment.
     works Mondays and Wednesdays and deals with General Hypnotherapy Practice, Pain control, Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, SleepTalk (Hypnosis for young children), Stress, Hypno-Touch Massage etc

    Rae works Thursdays and Fridays and deals with General Hypnotherapy Practice, Eating Disorders, Weight Problems, Anxiety, Phobias, Interview Technique, Public Speaking, Stress etc

We are professional therapists who have worked with thousands of people throughout the years. There is nothing embarrasses us but if you would prefer not to disclose your problem face to face, then you can write it down and we will help you without even discussing it.