Train as a Hypnotherapist

Welcome to The Scottish Academy of Hypnosis & Mind Training

Come and train with a Scottish company who live here, work here, train here and can support students here, face to face in Scotland.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best hypnotherapy training in Scotland. With years of hands on clinical expertise and from training many students in Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy and Energy Psychology. Our goal is to maximise the ability of our students to be successful in their new career as a Hypnotherapist. Our classes are personal, ensuring we can dedicate time and attention to each student. We do not churn out students who then have no confidence to practice, instead we focus on selecting the right people and training them to the highest standard when it comes to ethics, safety and Professionalism. Our training groups are normally a maximum of 12. Please consider this before you sign up to any hypnotherapy training course because it is the quality of your training and the clinical experience and training expertise of your instructors that will determine how prepared you are for seeing clients and setting up in practice.

The majority of students we have trained, go on to make their dreams of having a successful Hypnotherapy business a reality. They can become CNHC Regulated, if they wish, when they qualify and will hold a Diploma in Applied Hypnosis and Mind Techniques Dip (AHMT) and the Nationally Recognised Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma from studying our 12 month course. We also provide ongoing support and Supervision to our Graduates and CPD Specialist courses after qualifying.

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